Set of 5 Molds - 3 Pyramid Molds And 2 Beaker Molds

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Set of 3 pyramid molds and 2 beaker molds.

PYRAMID MOLD: This particular one is known as a Valençay mold with its truncated pyramidal shape. Valençay is an unpasteurized goats milk cheese weighing around ½ lb and around 7cm (3”) in height. Its rustic blue-grey color is made by the natural molds that form its rind, darkened with a dusting of charcoal. Size is 3.34” x 2.24” x 3.15”.

BEAKER MOLD: This particular one is known as a Beaker mold and is cylindrical but tapered: it measures 63mm (2.48”) inside diameter at the base and 69mm (2.72”) at the top, with a height of 120mm (4.72”). This is an economic starter mold, ideal for many types of soft and semi-soft cheeses.

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