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This beautiful double cheese press is a finely crafted piece of equipment that will give many years of service.

It is supplied pre-assembled (on rare occasions we may need to supply unassembled due to parcel requirements) - simply fit the top levers according to the instruction provided.

Manufactured only from the best hardwoods with adjustable lever positions so that the press can accommodate a wide range of cheese moulds. Simply hang weights (not supplied) on the notches provided in the handle to apply a constant pressure and so remove the whey from the curds.

The press will accept 2 moulds right up to a diameter of 220mm (8.7 inches) each (and that's a lot of cheese....)

The cheese moulds are usually stood on a draining mat to allow the whey access to drain away and a 1Kg weight is sufficient to produce a firm dry curd. Obviously different weights and times produce different cheeses - this is what makes cheese making such an interesting and rewarding pastime!