Acidometer Kit (Complete)

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This acidometer is used for determining the acidity of milk or whey during cheesemaking.

The kit comprises the following:-

1. A 25ml glass burette equipped with a ptfe stopcock (this minimises the risk of tap seizure when titrating with caustic solutions). 2. A calibrated 250ml plastic beaker for filling the burette. 3. Two conical flasks for titrating the milk or whey sample. 4. Two 10 ml glass pipettes - to accurately measure out your milk sample. 5. A steel laboratory retort stand with white base. 6. A boss and clamp fitted with rubber coated tines - to hold the burette. 7. 500 ml bottle of N/9 Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) solution - also known as caustic soda - to go into the burette. This is known as the titrant and spare bottles are available. 8. A 25ml dropper bottle of indicator solution (0.5% phenolphthalein). Again spare bottles are available. 9. Full instructions for use

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