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This mozzarella and ricotta making kit is for people looking to make these cheeses using vegetable rennet.

This kit is WITHOUT calcium chloride and should be used by people who have access to good local milk supply or have found success using store milk without calcium chloride.

If you are aiming to purchase regular store milk we recommend purchasing one of our kits that contains calcium chloride. (The process of homogenizing milk affects the calcium and most store milks will be homogenized- check your milk before you buy!)

This kit includes:

1oz Liquid Rennet(Animal or Vegetable), 3oz Citric Acid, 4oz Cheese Salt, 1 Cheese Cloth, 1 Ricotta Mold, 1 Economy Dairy Thermometer, Recipes for mozzarella and ricotta.

Just your own milk needed, producing around 1lb of mozzarella per gallon of milk. Ricotta recipe and mold included- just add lemon juice to acidify whole milk, drain and enjoy!