Cheese Culture- Roqueforti (Blue Mold) For Cheesemaking

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The mold powder is presented in a sterile pack, containing enough monocultured P. Roquefortii to process 132 gallons of milk. It is used in the production of Stilton and Roquefort and for the production of the blue mold on surface ripened and veined cheeses.

The unopened mold will keep for up to 2 years when stored in a freezer. It can be dispatched at ambient temperature for a period of up to 2 weeks and can then be refrozen at its destination if desired.

For the production of surface-ripened cheeses, either:

1. Mix mold powder with cold boiled water and spray on to the dried cheese before ripening commences; spray just enough to coat the cheese surface which should not look wet afterwards, or

2. Mix mold powder in with the milk at the renneting stage.

The spray container should be sterilized before use to avoid unwanted micro-organisms entering the spray mixture. Use a fine atomizer or plant spray, which has not been used for any other purpose. Shake well during the spraying as the mould does NOT dissolve in water.

Instructions page for Roqueforti (blue mold)

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