Cheesemaking Mold No.38 - Rectangular Pan

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We supply a range of cheese molds that are all manufactured from special 'Dairythene' plastic for easy sterilization.

This rectangular mould has holes drilled in the base and sides to allow the whey to escape. This mold would usually be lined with a cheese cloth when cheese making. It has plastic feet, lifting it off the surface - this helps with the circulation of air and aids the drainage of whey.

This mold is 9" (230mm) long, 100mm wide, with a height of 5.25" (130mm) and is capable of producing up to 4.5lb (2kg) of cheese. This mold also comes with a follower as standard and is great for making a wide variety of rectangular cheeses with beautifully rounded edges (see pictures above).

Please note - All our cheese molds are sold and priced individually.

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