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Penicillium Candidurn (Camembert and Brie) Instructions:

The mould powder is presented in a sterile pack and contains enough monocultured P. Candidum to process 250 - 300 liters (65 - 80 US gallons) of milk. The mould will keep unopened for up to two years stored in a freezer. It can be despatched at ambient temperature for up to 2 weeks and can then be refrozen if desired.

For producing surface ripened cheeses either:

1. Mix mould powder with water and spray on to the dried cheese before ripening commences; spray just enough to coat the cheese surface which should not look wet afterwards, or:

2. Mix mould powder in with the milk at the renneting stage.

Spray containers should be sterilized before use to avoid unwanted micro-organisms entering the spray mixture. Use a fine atomizer or plant spray which has not been used for any other purpose. Shake well as the mould does NOT dissolve in water.