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To Make Yogurt Starter Solution

To Make Yogurt Starter Solution

Please note, this culture makes up a liter of starter solution which you will then use according to the "Yogurt Recipe"

CheeseAndYogurtMaking.Com's Freeze-Dried Yogurt Starter is of excellent and consistent quality and with care should provide delicious yogurt time after time. It is not a monoculture but a carefully balanced blend of Lactoba-cillus Bulgaricus and Streptococcus Thermophilus which should ensure opti-mum results.

To cultivate the yogurt starter from the freeze-dried culture: The following items are required: A dairy thermometer, a suitable saucepan, a whisk, a suitable incubator (e.g. a CheeseAndYogurtMaking.Com recommended Yogurt Maker), a glass container with a capacity of 1 liter (2 US pints) minimum, food wrap, dairy sterilizer.


1. Heat 1 liter (2 US pts) of fresh milk to approximately 194°F (90°C) and hold at this temperature for ten minutes.

2. Remove from the heat and cool rapidly by standing the saucepan in cold, running water until a temperature of 111°F (44°C) is reached.

3. Sprinkle the freeze-dried yogurt culture into the milk whilst whisking vigorously. It is important to ensure that the powder is thoroughly mixed into the milk.

4. Pour into the central container of the yogurt maker. Incubate at between 104° - 111°F (40° - 44°C) for 6 - 8 hours.

5. Sterilize the glass container with a suitable dairy sterilizer to prevent the introduction of any undesirable airborne organisms which could interfere with the incubation of the desired culture, or use boiling water. Pour the mixture into the sterilized container and cover with food wrap immediately.

6. Store in the refrigerator, keeping tightly covered at all times.

7. The yogurt starter is ready when it tastes fresh yet sour. It is possible to maintain a supply of starter culture by reserving a small quantity of the finished yogurt (free from any flavorings) and using it in place of the freeze-dried starter culture on the next batch.