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How To Coat Cheese With Wax Instructions 2 Lbs.


Brief Description

Soft cheeses can’t be waxed and they are ready to eat anyway, so this is really just for those harder cheeses you want to protect. Before starting out, make sure your cheese is at room temperature. Then grab yourself a double boiler and melt your wax. BE CAREFUL.

At this point there are two things you can do. One is to brush a couple of layers onto the cheese and let it set on a rack, finishing the odd spots you miss. Second is to dip most of the cheese, rotate, and finish waxing the cheese. Simple.

You can re-melt proper cheese wax, strain it and reuse it.

How To Coat Cheese With Wax Instructions 2 Lbs.

Step by Step Instruction

  1. Melt sufficient wax in a bains-marie or any other container that can be placed in hot water.
  2. When the wax has melted, dip in the cheese covering the end and as much of the sides as possible.
  3. Place the cheese in a rack, with the unwaxed base down, and allow to cool. In warm weather it may be necessary to cool the cheese in the refrigerator.
  4. Once cold, holding the cheese by the waxed sides dip the unwaxed end and sides in the wax to complete the coverage. Additional layers can be added as required to depth of colour desired.


Alternatively the molten wax can be applied using a soft brush.

Here are the cheese wax available from