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Cheese Making Mold 28 - Small Rectangular Mold for Feta

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This mold is rectangular and is perfect for small Feta and other rectangular cheeses. The measurements are 160mm (6.25") x 85mm (3.4") x 70mm (2.75").
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  • Cheese Making Mold 28 - Small Rectangular Mold for Feta

We supply a range of cheese molds that are all manufactured from special 'Dairythene' plastic for easy sterilization. This one is the 'Small Feta' mold and is an economical miniature version of the larger Feta Mold 17 found elsewhere in our shop.

The base of this particular mold is drilled with several holes to allow the whey to escape, and unlike the large Feta Mold, the sides are perforated too. The mold is fitted with short feet to assist in the drainage of the whey.

This mold is rectangular, measuring 3.4" (85mm) x 6.25" (160mm) at the top, with a height of 2.75" (70mm). There is a taper of 0.75" (20mm) to assist in the removal of the cheese.

This is the classic Feta mould shape and is designed specifically so that the cheese maker can produce smaller quantities of this classic Balkan delicacy: it is also suitable for producing other types of cheese up to 1lb (500g) in weight.

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